About this poster

This beautiful parade is one of the neuralgic spots in Barcelona’s famous neighborhood el Born (it was difficult for me to choose the side and the section to draw!). Many of the establishments in the image have given way to new ones, but they are the ones I enjoyed during the years in which my studio was located in a nearby square.  This picture is included as a fold-out insert in my sketch book Un dia al Born. Un dia al Born.  
Un dia al Born

Barcelona Carnet de Voyage


Ajuntament de Barcelona

About the book

For years I was determined to carry drawing material and notebooks on my travels, as any self-respecting sketcher does. But what happened is that they returned home almost blank. I think when I travel, I have the need of watching and not of sketching. This only can happen in long stays. Either way, the truth is that I finally felt I had a pending issue.

Until one day, when the persuasive Marta and Mireia, from Zahorí Books, appeared with a project that would give me the opportunity to redeem myself: to make a sketchbook in el Born, a neighborhood in my own city. This time I knew the place well, I had been watching it for years. And it was a commission. There was no choice!